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When we service a Volvo, it is done to the manufactures exacting standards and specifications. We rigorously follow the Volvo servicing schedules and have all of the equipment to deal with the vast majority of issues that may arise. Because we follow the manufactures schedules, the Volvo Warranty is not effected. No longer are you forced to take your Volvo to the dealer and pay upwards of £95.00 per hour for labour charges.

We have over 25 years experience in supplying precisely what our customers demand-Great Value and Great Service at up to 50% less that a Main Dealers Labour charges

As part of any scheduled service booking, our Volvo trained technicians will connect your Volvo to our computerized diagnostics system ( The very same system as the Main Dealer uses )to check that all safety system function correctly. As part of our health check, we also check the status of your battery. Many of today’s devices such as ipods, mobile phones ect draw power from the battery-by checking it’s status we offer you peace of mind.

When it comes to repairs, be assured that we hold over £10,000 worth of Volvo special in our fantastic workshop facility. This area is kept immaculate at all times.

Simply Email your Service requirements for a quote and one of our Service staff we get back to you.

There are so many different variations of Service on different models of different ages - so we will cross reference schedules with makes and models to quote you the correct Service.

We also Service and repair any Make/Model

Because we subscribe to the relevant information service providers, we can Service any Make/Model to the Manufactures Specifications. If this car happens to be your 'Second Household Car' we offer a HUGE 35% off of our standard Labour charge along with a further 10% off of Parts- That's VALUE!!

  • Firstly, we pride ourselves with the service that we give to our customers. From booking the car in, to settling the invoice the customer has full contact with the person that has worked on there car. We show customers the parts that we have replaced and explain why the works were required. WE NEVER CARRY OUT ANY WORK UNLESS THE CUSTOMER HAS GIVEN PERMISSION.
  • Please fill in the Booking form with your requirements and details ,one of our Service staff will get straight back to you.

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  • Here at Elite we pride ourselves with keeping up with the constant development of the product in which we specialize. We currently hold over £10,000 worth of Volvo special tools as well as the latest computerized Volvo diagnostic technology called VIDA. VIDA is a must have technology if your Volvo is to be properly Serviced and Maintained. Software upgrades on all Modules are frequently required to optimize there performance. Indeed, most new ECU's supplied from Volvo won't even work without Software!

    As part of any standard service, we check that your car’s software is totally up to date. Volvo constantly upgrade computerized software packages as to enhance the overall performance of you car. It’s not every Dealer or “Specialist” that carry out this important operation. We DO.

  • We are here to provide one thing-A quality and professional service.To that end, we supply a loan car on request (subject to availability ) which is guaranteed to less that 2 years old. We also can pick up and deliver vehicles within a 25 mile radius to our premises completely free of charge!


    Please ask for further details when booking in

  • If your Volvo is Serviced by our company, we will offer a huge second car discount for any other car in you house hold.

    This includes

    35% off our standard Labour charges

    10% Discount on all Non Genuine Parts used


    We will also carry out a full MOT at a 50% discount if booked at the same time!!


    Conditions apply

  • If you would like us to produce a quote for any works on your car, please fill in the form below. We will need your registration number to enable us to produce an exact estimate.

    Please don't hesitate to call if you would prefer to talk to one of our trained Service Advisors

  • Having been a member of the Nationwide group of One Link Fleet Management for several years, we are aware of the specific needs of the Company or Fleet car driver.

    We are authorized repairs for many Lease and Fleet companies.

    Should you Company car require Servicing or Repairs, please don't hesitate to call us. We can liase with the Fleet operators direct.

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