• Welcome to Elite Automotive Services

    Firstly, we would like to make it clear that we are not an Authorized Volvo Dealership.

    We are proud to be independent , allowed to act as we see fit ,with the soul aim of producing an affordable , quality service for our loyal and expanding customer base-some of which have been with us for over 19 years!

    We listen to what Volvo Drivers want........ 

    Established in 1994, here at Elite in Bristol we pride ourselves on ensuring genuine customer satisfaction. We are the premier Volvo specialists providing quality Sales , Service and Body Shop operations based in Bristol also serving Bath , Weston Super Mare and the whole of the South West .We also sell used Volvo cars on a National basis.

    We employ Volvo UK and dealership trained technicians some of whom have a wealth of experience dealing with this product dating back to the early 80's. Because of this, we know the 'DNA' which runs through every Volvo model to date. We know how to respond to the requirements Volvo drivers- afterall we've been an independent specialist for nearly 20 years!!

    From start to finish of every repair regardless of size, work is carried out to the highest standard by knowledgeable, professional people. Whether it's Servicing, Repair and Accessory fittment, all are carried out professionally and at very competitive rates-often at half dealer labour costs. Indeed, quite often other 'Specialists' have more expensive Labour rates than ours.

    At Elite we utilize full Volvo diagnostics capabilities with the Volvo After sales Diagnostic and Information System (VADIS) and (VIDA) Vehicle Information and Diagnostics Application. This combines enhanced diagnostic functions along with service manual and parts information. VADIS is an interactive program that can use customer reported symptoms with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) read from the vehicle to guide our technicians through vehicle diagnostic and repair procedures.

    This saves valuable time for the technician when diagnosing a problem thus reducing labour costs and, in turn saving you money.

    We have over £10,000 worth of special tools which in turn helps us to complete the mass majority of repairs to this product properly, professionally and to the highest standard.

    We cover all Volvo models regardless of age.

    With our Sales Department, we are able to stock and source all Volvo models at any time. These are all having strictly followed the quality criteria contained in our Used Car Program.

    They are supplied Fully Serviced with new MOT's if required.