Selected Used Volvo

The Elite Selected Used Car Program-

Simply the best way to buy a used VOLVO

When you buy an Elite Selected Used Volvo, you not only buy a fantastic Car, but you also buy a promise.


*Every used Volvo is inspected in our fully equipped workshop. The car has to pass a 100 point check which we have put together using our experience of the vehicle and brand. During this preparation period, any defects which fall within our strict criteria are rectified. We connect the car to our diagnostic system to ensure the correct and full operation of the computerized systems onboard.

*Should the car be due for a scheduled service, it will be undertaken to specification. We also carry out an interim service if the car is part way through its schedule to ensure as high a quality mechanical delivery as possible. Should the car not have at least 6 months of MOT left, it will receive a new certificate.

*We care. We care about our customers so much that we will not supply any Elite Selected Used Volvo without having at least 3mm of tread on each tyre.

*We care so much that we supply our self administered warranty, the contents of which would be extremely difficult to match elsewhere. This covers a minimum of 6 months/6000 miles after the purchase. This fantastic warranty is also upgradeable for a bargain price of just £395.00 plus VAT to cover a further 6 months/6000 miles

*We care so much that we supply free for 6 months after each Used Volvo Sale a complete National Recovery Service should the unexpected take place. This service will cover loss of keys, punchures and even if you run out of fuel on top of the standard recovery services. This can be extended year on year for just £33.00

*We sell cars to retain the new owners custom in the future. We want to be the automatic choice when the car is due for it's next service or MOT. We realize that there is only one way for this to happen-Total Commitment to our Customer

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